Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get the Goods: 16 hours of free marketing education for photographers

Yep, that's right. I said FREE! Sarah Petty's "The Joy of Marketing" is hosting the Master Photographers' Telesummit Marketing series at no charge. The event starts on Sept. 28 at 9 a.m. CDT and continues every hour with presentations until Sept. 29. Besides the information being free, a telesummit (unlike a conference) allows you to stay at home or the office and get info from numerous experts.

Just register here at http://telesummit.thejoyofmarketing.com/affiliate/Sheba_Wheeler/summit and you'll receive an email with your dial-in number for the event. Then, pick up the phone and get exclusive information from 15 photography marketing gurus who used the skills they will be sharing to boost your business.

View the speaker's list here. Presentations I'm really looking forward to "sitting in on" include Facebook Marketing with Rod Evans, brand development with Kevin Kubota and creating high-ticket sales with David Ziser.

So what if your schedule doesn't allow you to make it to the phone that day or you miss a speaker's presentation? I'm right there with you since I have a day job that's not photography related.

No worries....the telesummit has a recording of the entire event available via an mp3 download. Purchase all 16 hours of the Master Photographer's Marketing available as an mp3 audio download plus pdf outlines for $49 (reg. price $99). If you wait until after the telesummit, the price jumps back up to $99. While the live event occurs September 28 & 29, the downloadable recording will be offered from September 29 - October 2.

When it comes down to it, my mantra for all things photography related this year has been: "if it's free, I'm there!" The poor economy has made it tough to set aside money for the kind of seminars and classes I enjoyed going to last year. So I've kept a good look out for access to free or inexpensive training opportunities such as the Will Crocket presentation held in April, and a David Tejada workshop held in February.

Effectively marketing your business could be a full-time job all of it's own. So get a leg up on the competition by attending the telesummit and ordering the download now!


Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks for sharing this info! :)

Sheba Wheeler said...

No problem! Let me know if you get some information about of it.

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