Friday, September 25, 2009

Get the Job Done: Lukas' senior portrait session

I just finished editing Lukas' chosen images from his senior portrait session, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Lukas was the first of my 2010 seniors to request a mountain, outdoor park area for his location shoot while other clients opted for more urban shoots around downtown Denver. It was great to be have a client introduce me to a spot I'd never visited before, and the scenery at the Lair o' the Bear park was gorgeous and filled with endless shooting possibilities.

Here is Lukas' choice for his yearbook picture. I love the bokeh, and the way the light warms up his skin and his eyes. Since Lukas side he liked some edgy postprocessing, I tried a few actions from my Totally Rad collection to create this mooding shot.

We were lucky enough to be shooting at a gorgeous time of the day, late in the afternoon with golden light warmed by a nearing sunset. We simply just walked around the hiking trails until we happened upon a spot that called out to either of us, or where my careful study of the light would net the best image. Lukas and his mom Sandy probably thought I was crazy because every few feet I would stop them and say, "Here! Right Here!" This image looks as though it were lit in studio, but it wasn't....just an area that I thought was precisely lit with a little pop of flash to light up his face. Lukas was such a trooper to jump into foilage whenever I saw something I liked, even though we both have a deathly fear of spiders!

I think having a different location made it easy for Lukas' images to stand out and showcase his personality. He told me that he loved the park because it helped him relax and feel at ease when he was troubled. I love how this shot framed by the tree leaves creates this sense of quiet and reflection for the senior.

I was so focused on getting this great shot of Lukas' smile while were sitting down in the tall field grass that I didn't even realize there were hundreds of ants crawling all over me! Hey, it's one of my favorite shots because his smile is so natural and unforced, so it was totally worth it for me. His mom was right behind me doing silly things to make her son laugh. And when I stood up, all of sudden they both started smacking at me. I thought to myself, "wow, they haven't even seen the pics yet and already they are beating me up?!" Then I found out they were trying to get the ants off me. Makes my skin crawl just thinking out it. I am such a city girl!

Here are a few more favorites:

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