Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get the Goods: Free Adobe and Canon training webinars for PPA members

It's going to be especially great to be a PPA member for the rest of this year thanks to an impressive member exclusive benefit: an ongoing series of free webinars from Adobe and Canon designed to provide inspiration and tips on photographic art, technique, and workflow.

Mark your calendars:

The Art of Facial Retouching
September 21, 12pm - Adobe Series

Photographing Children
October 5, 12pm - Canon Series

Studio Management Services Orientation
October 14, 12pm

Streamlined Post-Processing with Lightroom
October 19, 12pm - Adobe Series

New Ways of Working and Seeing to Win Clients
November 11, 12pm - Canon Series

Dynamic Camera Raw Processing
November 16, 12pm - Adobe Series

FONG Shui: Harmony with the Art of Posing and Lighting
November 30, 12pm - Canon Series

Shaping Master Prints Using Photoshop CS4
December 12, 12pm - Adobe Series

Canon's “Explorers of Light” photographers, including Michele Celentano, Ken Sklute and Hanson Fong, will be sharing their imagery, techniques and insights. The four-part Adobe-sponsored series will offer tips and tricks for each step of your digital imaging workflow, from dynamic raw processing to flawless retouching. Presented live on Mondays, these webinars will also be archived for on-demand viewing showcasing direction from Jane Conner-Ziser, Nathan Holritz, Katrin Eismann and Greg Gibson.

If you've been thinking about joining PPA, now is the time to do it! Hope to "see" you at the webinar! :)

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