Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Weekend: Senior portrait session and lots of editing

I thought another strange bought of rainy, chilly weather was going to force me to cancel yet another senior session. But thankfully the forecast calls for a sunny 75 degrees on Sunday. So that means my 11 a.m. session with Terrell is ago!

I booked this session with earlier in the week with Terrell, who lives in my neighborhood less than a few miles away from my home. Terrell said he had to get me to take his photos after he saw one of his high school buddies featured on my website. The lovely Aprille L., seen in the image below), is the sister of my friend and colleague Christine Tydingco. Earlier this year, Aprille modeled for me and several members of my Mile High DPS Social Photography Club, during a club meetup held at the North Denver Photography Studios.

It was very cool to get a direct phone call from the actual senior I would be shooting! Terrell is quite the student, taking on several IB classes, choir competitions and tennis. Plus, Terrell is the only senior I've shot so far who requested we take his shots at his high school! During the consultation, I asked him why he decided this, and I learned from he and his grandmother that it was the first public school Terrell had ever attended and that he had loved the four years he's spent there. I can't wait to try to sneak into the building for some shot ideas I had: namely getting Terrell up on a stage with a mic in his hand singing, maybe a shot with him juggling all those heavy IB books or of course something with him on the court. The possibilities are endless given how many different activities this senior is involved in. I hope to be able to capture several images that showcase who he is right now.

For the rest of the weekend, I will be editing like crazy! I still have Mike's senior photos to finish (up see one of his unedited images above), as well as all the shots I took at the Bridal Workshop in Colorado Springs earlier this month. And Terrell's photos are due by Oct. 2, so I've got just a few days to get his done and turned in by the deadline.

This weekend I've also got to get some landscapes and cityscapes printed so I can get them up on the walls inside the Heidi's Deli. This time around, I want to beef up the display by having information under each photo explaining where the image was shot, etc. etc. Plus, I plan to have a separate area that showcases some of my favorite portraits to let potential clients know that I specialize in this type of photography. Whew....yep it's gonna be another busy one!

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