Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Aside: Rest In Peace, Mom

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my mother's death. Elizabeth M. Banks died of emphysema and COPD March 10, 2005. She was only 48. If you read my profile, you will learn that I took up photography initially to help me stay footed in this world and learn how to appreciate living (instead of wanting to give up just so I could be with her again). I think I can honestly say that I am at peace with her loss, and the photography gives me a new reason to leap out of bed each day. Just the time and energy it takes to learn new techniques keeps me yearning for more, as I love learning and being educated.

And I know she is still very near me. I can almost hear her...especially when I do something stupid. Right before she passed, I was trying to introduce my Harlequin Romance obsessed mother to a new genre of books called "Paranormal Romance" a blending of my personal love of fantasy and the supernatural with her love of bodice ripping, brooding heroes and "traveling" to foreign places. I'm not sure if she ever got around to reading the last box full of paranormal romances I sent her, as the books were still neatly stacked inside the package I sent her when I went home for the funeral. But I know she is reading them over my shoulder now and giggling with me when I get to the steamy love scenes.

And I think she is proud of me for finding a way to cope with her loss, for chosing life. I hope your photography inspires and fulfills you as much as it does me. And when I see my Mom again, I'm going to have a whole mess of photos to show her!

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