Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting artistic nudes?!

My friend Terilynn has asked me to take artistic nude shots of her to give to her husband for his birthday. But I have never taken these type of shots before, and I need your suggestions to make this a success.

The shoot is a celebration of sorts, commemorating Teri's successful juice feast in which she persevered for 93 days straight only drinking healthy juices but eating no solid foods. She is a wondrous 47 pounds lighter and ready to get in front of the camera. I have been doing some research on shooting the body as an art form, a landscape in its own right. I've seen some beautiful works where the photography manipulated light and shadows (as well as the subject's curves) to create a sensuous and intimate mood. While this is for her husband (sssshhhh, told tell him; it's a secret!!!!), she wants the images to be clean enough, so to speak, so that she can hang them in a family room where her children could see them as well.

A friend sent me this video link which offered some great suggestions to get me started. Thanks Tiffany! She also suggested I check out modelmayhem.com to get other ideas. Please share tips on how you shot artistic nudes and the photographers you admire that do them well. Both Teri and I are sick this week, so our shoot may have to be postponed, but if we get well, I could be shooting as early as this weekend. Thanks in advance!

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