Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Instructor's Tip: DPS' "Light and the Pinhole Camera"

Yesterday, the Digital Photography School online forum began its highly anticipated ongoing weekly series of articles titled "Photograhy 101 - A Basic Course on the Camera." The series will cover all the basics of camera design and use, including the "exposure triangle," focus, depth of field and sharpness, focal lengths as well as an indepth look at the camera itself.

When the first "semester" of Photography 101 is finished (and depending on the series' success) future semesters will be offered, possibly including Photography 102 - A Basic Course in Taking Photos, Photography 103 - A Basic Course in Processing and Photography 104 - Increasing Your Options with Gear.

I've been looking forward to this and will be following the series closely. Each lesson includes a list of resources for further study and fun assignments to try out at home.

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