Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get the Job Done: Artistic Nude Shots A Hit!

I just finished editing Terilynn's artistic nude/boudoir shots this morning, and she LOVES them! Her husband will be getting the goods later this month as his birthday gift. Shhhh, don't tell! Well, actually Teri already spilled the beans because her husband kept prying ("The only reason why you would be going over to Sheba's house is so she can take your picture!")

Not only was the shoot a great success, but Teri was forced to learn something about herself that I have no idea why she didn't know before: She is GORGEOUS!

After she saw the proofs, she kept saying that she couldn't believe it was actually her. Of course I wanted to smack her because Teri has always been beautiful. But what I could definitely appreciate was taking photos that helped her believe it too! I have had plenty of experience photographing models for fashion shoots, but none of that gave me the personal satisfaction I now have knowing that I had a hand in helping Teri discover her own beauty. "These are the type of shoots that happen once in a lifetime for the ordinary person. It is your chance to feel beautiful and capture it in print."

I am hoping that these photos will encourage other friends and potential clients to have their own sexy photos taken. Everyone is beautiful...models do not have carte blanche on that one!

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