Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking News: Could you shoot for National Geographic?

You would think that I coveted a shot as a National Geographic photographer with all the news I've been spilling about upcoming seminars hosted by this magazine. ;)

Here's something new that my buddy Derrin over at Wolf Camera tipped me off about: a magazine conference being held in Boulder next month:

"Could you shoot for "National Geographic" or maybe "Backpacker," "Free Skier," "Women's Adventure" or "Climbing?"...make your passion a career by joining us in Boulder April 11-13 for a weekend that could change your life. You'll have the opportunity to meet with and hear from the top photo editors and photographers in the outdoor sports and travel world of publications. NG Senior Photo Editor Sadie Quarrier will be the keynote speaker."

Dang, this is one expensive obsession. If I register before March 15, it will only cost me $350 clams instead of $380, but I think this could be worth it just to swap business cards with such photographic greats! I could use some financial aid, or try to sell a photo.

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