Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking News: Monthly Assignment Tie!

Wow, this month's photo assignment contest was a nail-biter right to the very last hours the poll was open. But alas, PWYP has its first ever tie between images submitted by Athena Otto and Mike Haley, with each receiving 5 votes.

I had to do some thinking about how to address this, and decided to go with an idea I got from Mike: Both Athena and Mike will be allowed to choose a topic for next month's assignment. Then, readers can vote on which topic they would like to shoot for July. I will post up another poll once I get the topic ideas from Athena and Mike. Polls will be open for one day only, so I can give everyone the full month to get their submissions in.

Until then, congratulations to Athena and Mike. Here are some great comments blog passersby let regarding what they thought about your images:

Image by Athena Otto

REBELRESCUER wrote this about Athena's image: I have no technical expertise, but photo "B" is my fav! There's something about the street light, and the front of the building that gives it a certain feeling. Really like that one!! Hope to participate in July!!

Image by Mike Haley

DIZZLE wrote this about Mike's image: I like D. If I am not mistaken that is Heritage Square...childhood memories come flooding back and capturing it night makes me remember days gone by when my mom would let us run around there with no fear of anything bad happenign to us other maybe a scraped knee from a fall during a game of playing and just enjoying the summer night.

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