Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get the Job Done: Favorites Emerging from the Wedding Shoot

As I've been editing photos from the wedding, I'm feeling more and more confident and pleased about the work Jason, Mike and I accomplished at this event. I think the photos are amazing, and I wanted to take a break from post production to share a few of my favorites thus far:

Mike Haley captured this photo while I was setting up the bride and groom for their private portrait session. I love the bride's natural glowing expression of ease, beauty and happiness in this image.

This great storytelling photo by Jason Pechovitch makes me laugh. Periodically, the groom would appear to have these moments when he seemed freaked out about the prospect of getting married. Jason captured him here and I got several of him doing the same thing right before he had to be yanked into the church. The way this groom looked at the bride with such love in his eyes, I have no doubts he loved marrying her. But his sense of humor was a joy to see too.

Mike and I both love the symbolism reflected in this photo I took of the bride emerging from the basement. It was the first time many of her relatives had seen her in the ceremonial gown, so their amazement of her beauty and their compliments were sincere. But capturing her coming from the basement could also be viewed as seeing her step into a new role in her life.

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