Monday, June 23, 2008

Vote Now for June's Monthly Assignment: "Night Shot"

Vote for your favorite interpretation of the monthly assignment topic: "Night Shots." Polls will be open from now until next Monday with July's subject announced at the same time.

Feel free to leave your comments about why you voted for a certain picture here. These assignments are designed to stretch your imagination, challenge yourself and start shooting on a regular basis. Constructive criticism only helps us all get better at the craft we share and love.


Sheba Wheeler said...

Hey there Rebel, thanks for taking the time to vote. This is Athena's first time participating in my monthly assignment, and I'm sure she will appreciate your encouragement and kudos. Hope to see you post something up next month!

Dizzle said...

I like D (Mike Haley). If I am not mistaken that is Heritage Square...childhood memories come flooding back and capturing it night makes me remember days gone by when my mom would let us run around there with no fear of anything bad happenign to us other maybe a scraped knee from a fall during a game of playing and just enjoying the summer night.

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