Friday, June 20, 2008

This Weekend: Presentation of Wedding Photos Next Weekend!

Next Saturday, I will present my first set of wedding proofs to the bride and groom of the Villanueva/Simpkins nuptials. I completed the wedding ceremony set this morning and just have to edit the reception images to be completely done.

The above photo was taken by Jason Peckovitch for Picture Your World Photography. Shots of the newly married couple walking down the aisle are a must have, and I'm so pleased that Jason was able to capture this image from the front while I shot a picture of the couple from behind.

I've been doing more research about how to present my images, making the presentation both memorable and emotional in hopes to garnering more sales. I had no idea so much planning went into wedding photography. It seems as though taking the shots was actually the easy part!

Do I have the bride and groom look at albums, prints inside a box, a computer slide show, DVD movies or framed prints? I'm thinking about doing a combination of these options, minus the DVD movie. I can frame one large image into a 20x30 to show them what the images look like in poster-size print and put some 4x6 in an album. I think I could pull out 20 to 50 of my favorites and showcase them in a slide show and then have them look at all the proofs online. What do you think? Do you have any tips on wedding proof presentations?

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