Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get the Goods: Buy One Frame, Get One for a Penny!

One of my new buddies over at a Denver-area Aaron Brothers Art & Framing store tipped me off that the store will be offering a "Buy One Frame, Get One for a Penny!" sale. If you need some high quality frames, this is the time to act!

I have been purchasing 16x20 frames to hang up my photographs in the Heidi's Deli. I took this image into the store to see if I could find a suitable 11x14 mat to fit my frame.

A helpful clerk unearthed this gorgeous hardwood frame with textured tree bark coated on the outside of it -- the perfect compliment to the red fox I discovered hanging around my friend Mike's mountain cabin. I was all set to buy it for $50 when the clerk said, "Wait a minute! If you don't need this right now, come back on Saturday when you can get another one for a penny more." He certainly didn't have to do that, but you can bet he will likely make more money from me when I comb through that store on Saturday.

Check out their website here to see if you have an Aaron Brothers store in your hometown.

In other news, Marty, the storeowner of the Heidi's Deli, is really proving to have an eye for this kind of advertising. He carefully selected each of the images he thinks will be most likely to sell and he has given me direction on how to market the images, including contact information and a written statement about my work and other services I offer. He wants me to include facts about where each image was taken in the state so the out-of-towners expected to desend on Denver in August with the Democratic National Convention will be able to take a "piece of Colorado" back home with them.

Marty says people have been asking about this image that is currently hanging up in the deli. It's easy to tell by all the fingerprint marks on the frame that people can't seem to keep their hands off it. "They keep asking me if it's a painting or a photo," Marty says. He is very excited. "Finally my place will start to feel like home," he said.

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