Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breaking News: New Freelance Photographer for Auraria Campus!

Nice! I had no idea that the woman who referred me to shoot the wedding last month is the new PR person over at the Auraria Higher Education Campus. The campus houses not only the Metro State College of Denver, but the University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Denver!

The PR person just called to tell me that she wants to hire me to be a freelance photographer for the campus. She says they have events there every weekend and haven't had the kind of photographic coverage they've been wanting since she got hired. Heck ya! What a blessing!

Now...what do I charge? She said an hourly rate would be good and that I could expect no more than a couple hours per event, but you and I both know those few hours will translate into a ton of editing and traveling time. Plus, I'm thinking I should charge something for corporate use of the photos in their fliers too. What do you think? Any suggestions?


Craig Lee said...

Congratulations. That is a big step. Don't forget all of the work that goes into it away from the camera that you have to cover too. Travel, communication time (email, phone), coordination time, processing. It all adds up. Don't sell yourself short.

Will they just want pictures of the event(s) or will they want portraits taken as well?

Sarah K. said...

I have no idea about any of your questions, but congrats! It must be really rewarding to see your hard work get results in the form of employment!

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