Friday, December 5, 2008

From My Portfolio: Sensual, Not Pornographic

originally uploaded by Sheba Wheeler.

Over the weekend, I shot a boudoir session in my home studio for a client who wanted to surprise her husband serving in the war with a sensual Christmas gift. The above shot is one of my favorites from the set.

When shooting the nude form of a woman, it's important to accentuate natural curves and lines including those of the buttocks, breasts and waist line. I asked my client to cross her legs because I think it's more flattering to her waist and draws more attention to the curve of buttocks. Lifting her arms above her head gently lifts her breasts, while arching her back adds more curvature and flattens her abs. The clincher that really makes this image work is highlighting her tattoo as it snakes seductively along her form.

It's a very simple shot, but I think all the details add up to show that she is a woman without being pornographic.

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