Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Weekend: Photo Meetup and Crafting My Business Plan

Later this afternoon, I will be meeting with several of my friends and photographic colleagues from the Mile High DPS Social Group. Together, this group has shared some memorable outings photographing the majestic, rocky crevices of the Garden of the Gods, zombies attacking downtown Denver patrons, colorful city holiday lights, and each other when our model decided not to show to her own photo shoot. Today, our subject will be butterflies taking flight at the Butterfly Pavilion. I am hoping to nail my entry for this month's blog photo assignment DECISIVE MOMENT while shooting at this event. A macro lens and wide aperture will be a must to get images similar to the one above and left, taken by my instructor and award-winning nature photographer Russ Burden.

The only thing the group needs more of is...well, you! We want to continue growing the social group, so membership rolls are open. To join, you have to be a member of the Digital Photography School forum, which in itself is a wonderful resource and has helped me on many an occasion to prepare for photo sessions and get advice on the business nuances of my photography studio. Once you join the forum, go to the navigational bar at the top of the page and click on QUICK LINKS. Scroll down to NETWORKING-SOCIAL GROUPS and become a member of the Mile High DPS Social Group. Our group is definitely one of the most active on the forum.


Tomorrow, I will be posting about the creation of my business plan for 2009. It's been a long time in coming. But I finally met with photographer and business manager expert Jim Turley to hammer out the details. Jim runs Sweet Water Images and teaches a "Passion + Profits" business management course at Illuminate Workshops.

If a photographer wants to catapult a passion into a livelihood, a business plan, profit and loss statement and effective marketing are essential. I found out it wasn't nearly as complicated as I had feared and that I had already been doing things and conceptualizing plans naturally that will help my business grow. Putting the plan down on paper and using it as a guideline to help gauge my profits will be essential to my ultimate goal of leveraging some investments from outside sourcing and creating a model that includes hiring other photographers to work under the Picture Your World Photography brand.

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