Friday, December 19, 2008

Get Connected: Home Studio Session

Last night I had several photography friends over for a shoot in my home studio. Unfortunately, our model didn't show. But that didn't stop Christine Tydingco, Sean Donnelly, and Jeffrey Bennett. Instead, we all used each other as models as we experimented with different lighting techniques, trying to duplicate set-ups we read in the book, "Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers." I love this book because it shows diagrams for setting up your lights to achieve affects such as broad, butterfly and high key portrait lighting. It was fun spending time and learning with other photographers in such a cozy setting.

Without the pressure of performance or trying to satisfy a client, I felt freer to experiment. It was OK to make a mistake or try something new even if it didn't work. Photographers, especially those aspiring professionals, semi- and pro photogs, should take the time to shoot for themselves and tap into that spirit of excitement that got us on this path to begin with. I had been wanting to play around with long exposures and lighting with a single candle, and last night was my shot to try it out.

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