Monday, December 8, 2008

Get the Job Done: The Testimonial That Made Me Cry


Speaking of thanks, I think the heartfelt email I received from my last client, Christine, was one of the best I have ever received. It made me tear up and reiterated exactly why I am a portrait photographer. In her letter, Christine wrote, "Some day, I would love to be someone's Sheba," meaning she wants to be the photographer helping someone else realize their inner and outer beauty. It's what I want for myself you be loved and treasured for who I am inside and out. I think I just project that universal desire to my clients, and they respond to it.

Thank you Christine for choosing to work with me. And as far as being my assistant..well, are you busy on Monday? I've got an assignment at Auraria campus and could sure use your help! ;)


So I have to begin by saying, "thank you." The pictures look amazing
and I couldn't be happier. You went above and beyond to accommodate my
unique situation and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart (I'm
sure the Hubby will too).

Ever since our photo session I have been driven to take my photography
hobby to the next level. Jumping into this industry is quite
frightening and it sometimes feels like people are looking at you like
you don't have any business being there. You gave me advice and even
shared some tips about where to start, all of which I truly
appreciate. Becoming a photographer has always been in the back of my
mind and after working with you, I feel like its more attainable then

Please let me know if there is a shoot that I can help out with and
I'll be there.

Some day I would love to be someone's Sheba :) In the mean time I will
be reffering all my friends to you. I even hope you can take our
family portrait when hubby gets back from Iraq.

You really are the best and I can't wait to hang out to learn more."


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