Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Aside: Had to Cancel My Session

What is it about me and maternity shoots? I woke up with a fever and a splinting headache. I thought I would be able to soothe those symptoms in time for my maternity photo session. My client even called to say she was going to be an hour late, so I thought that would give me more time to rest. But as the morning wore on and I was feeling worse instead of better inspite of the medication I had taken, I knew I had to make the call I hate having to make: I would have to cancel and reschedule our session.

I can't tell you how terrible I felt having to do that, both physically and mentally. I could hear the disappointment in her voice, but she could hear the congestion in mine. I couldn't imagine infecting a young expecting mother with whatever virus de jour I had picked up from the newsroom. Thankfully, she accepted my apologies, and we are rescheduling for later in the month. I will give her a free print for her inconvenience.

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