Friday, January 30, 2009

This Weekend: On Assignment in Snowmass!

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My boss at the Denver Post has allowed me to take vacation time next week so I can photograph the National Brotherhood of Skiers summit in Snowmass! Not only was she agreeable to the idea and understanding of the late notice, but she offered suggestions on where I could find cheaper hotel stays and appropriate ski clothing. Plus, she told me to concentrate on taking some stock photography shots so that I might be able to leverage more money from the event other than what the association is paying me.

I think I am truly blessed to have that kind of support for my photography efforts. The only thing she asked is that I finish everything I needed to get done this week so I can have an article run on Feb. 12.

I'm looking forward to this year's event because I think I'm better prepared. I feel more comfortable working with the organization's media relations director since last year's event was so successful, and the attendees will recognize me as their official event photographer from the previous summit.

Most of my equipment has been updated to models that will help me get the kind of shots I need. The Canon XTi was replaced by the Canon 5D which has proven to be an extremely sharp camera with excellent results. My new 70-200 2.8 lens will make capturing those ski races a breeze, while my 24-70 2.8 will make it easier to get great results even in low light while shooting dinner receptions, meetings and parties. A new MacBook Pro purchased last spring will help take my business mobile, allowing me to upload photos, edit them right after an event and load them to my website so attendees can view photos quicker. I've spent the year learning how to work with my Mac and I feel proficient. I also purchased an Epson P-4000 Hard Drive to upload and view photos, clearing out my memory cards.

To help make finding my photos easier for attendies, I'm going to use a tip from friend and photog Mark Hayes. Mark suggested that I create an empty gallery on my website labeled "NBS 2009" or something similar so I can have a URL that I can give to attendees. Here is the place where my photos from the event can be viewed. I will write that URL on the back of my business cards and make sure everyone has one before they leave.

I'm also planning on bringing my Alien Bee and Vagabond battery pack so I can set up some "photobooth" stations where attendes can get portraits of themselves shot. I even have warming packs to keep my batteries from freezing and shutting down on me like they did last year.

The only thing I wish I had that I wasn't able to purchase this year was a compact printer so I can make prints of edited photos on the spot. That will definitely be a purchase I need to make this year as I prepare for future assignments where I will be shooting on location away from my studio.

Can you think of anything I've forgotten or have any tips on shooting this assignment?


Mark said...

You're going to rock this thing. Have a great week.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence Mark!

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