Friday, January 16, 2009

Breaking News: Booked my first wedding of the year

I hope this great week will foreshadow an equally great coming year. Not only did I make a sale from the Heidi's exhibit, but I just got an email from a client saying she has chosen me to shoot her wedding in May!

I want to publically thank Illuminate Workshops Director Efrain Cruz for referring me along with several other of his students to the client. She had a wealth of talent to pull from, and I'm honored she choose me. We will be meeting next month for me to get a better idea of the kind of photos she wants as well as to hash out the contract details. Her photography budget is very small, but I told her we would work out something based on her needs, especially considering that she only wants a photographer for 2 hours shooting a 30 minute ceremony and then doing family and bridal party photos. I plan to ask one of my colleagues to be a second shooter for me so she can build her portfolio and gain location experience. Wish us both luck!

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