Monday, January 12, 2009

Instructor's Tip: Let the Subject Compel and Intrigue You

Let the Subject Compel and Intrigue You:
Magic’s mystery and intrigue commands a natural curiosity that lures the discerning eyed observer into a magician’s world. Like a magnet, each trick draws the viewer closer, desiring to know how the feat was accomplished. Photography is analogous to magic. Photographers are lured into a scene and scrutinize it with discerning eyes. There are tricks to be learned to make the image more powerful. Photographers have a natural curiosity to know how and where other photographers perform their tricks.

Every time a shutter’s pressed, an underlying reason motivates the holder of the camera to make the image. Be it a spontaneous snap shot of a friend, the testing of a new lens, the first image of a newborn child or a wedding, something lures the photographer into the subject’s world prompting the creation of the image. The magic of the moment compels the photographer to raise the camera to eye level. What is encountered charms him with its intrigue.

Every time I go out photographing, I heed the call of my subject. I scan the area 360 degrees and figuratively listen for the subject to call my name. I wait for these reciprocated moments knowing a mutual connection has been made. Sometimes it’s but a whisper and I may not take the picture. Other times, a booming beckoning compels me to switch to motor drive. It may be the sweet light of early morning or the genuine laughter of a group of kids who enchant me, but at that moment, the magic is there. Let it happen to you.

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Instructor's Tip" by one of my favorite instructors, award winning nature photographer Russ Burden. To learn more about how Russ captured this image, join him on one of his photo tours. Visit Russ Burden Photography to get more information.

To take a class with Russ or a fellow Digital Photo Academy instructor in your area, check out the Digital Photo Academy. I took Russ' intermediate and advanced courses last year, and he continues to be a strong source of knowledge and encouragement as I progress in my photography.

Don't forget to check Take Great Pictures for Russ' most recent tips. On the home page, click on the "Photo Tips And Techniques" button in the left hand column. Additionally, check out his "Digital Tip of the Month" found by clicking on the Digital Photography button.

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