Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Weekend: Attending MHDPS photo session

Today I am very excited about attending a photo session with members of the Mile High Digital Photography School social group. I've been pleased with the photos and camaraderie that's resulted since I created this group last year. Our membership continues to grow and our planned meet-ups are becoming more detailed and well executed.

This afternoon, we will be shooting models, including the lovely Pinay Bella (seen above) and practicing our lighting techniques courtesy of my friend and colleague Tiffany Trott. Tiffany just became a member of the North Denver Photography Studio. As part of her membership, she pays for studio time, so the MHDPS members have agreed to divvy up payment for a share in her studio time this month.

Instead of feeling shaky and unsure about my equipment, I now feel confident that I can take my Alien Bees on location with me and know how to operate them since attending a Colorado Strobist off camera flash meetup. I am loving how everything I'm doing is building on itself to help me become a better photographer. I think I get just as much excitement from learning and educating myself in new techniques as I do from the actual act of photography.

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