Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get the Job Done: Another Sale!

I hate it when someone tells me the editor of the newspaper wants to speak with me. Just hearing that always makes my stomach drop as if I were being sent in to see the principal. With the state of the journalism industry as poor off as it is now, a meeting with a boss isn't likely to bring good news.

Boy, was I was worried for nothing!

The editor told me he wanted to buy one of my prints down in the Heidi's....not just the print, but the image framed and matted too for a whopping $125! I was speechless. He chose "Teri's Rose," making that image my single biggest seller of all time since I started shooting in April 2007. On top of that, there are some other images on my website that he has been meaning to order but hadn't gotten around to it until now, so I could expect some sales from that too! That's a wonderful show of support coming from someone whom I hold in such high esteem.

His administrative assistance let me sneak into his office to take pictures after she helped him hang it up.


tin said...

That's awesome!
Can I be like you when I grow up? :)

Mark Hayes said...

That is awesome. Congratulations.

Sheba Wheeler said...

@ Tin: When you grow up you will be BETTER than I am!

@Mark: Thanks buddy!

Dizzle said...

That is really cool! Congrats!

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