Monday, January 19, 2009

Growing Pains: Baby Steps with Quickbooks

Yesterday, I took my first baby steps in Intuit Quickbooks. I've had this software for several months and just didn't take the time to really get into it. I admit, I was intimidated after an initial poking around. But when I had to sort through all the paperwork I had collected last year such as invoices and purchase receipts for income tax season, I knew I had to have a better way of recording my business transactions. Those Quickbooks commercials seemed to be mocking me and ebbing me on at the same know the ones where the guy supposedly has all his business information "in his head" instead of dutifully recorded in books. I wasn't that bad off, but I was close to it. :)

This year, as my business continues to grow and prosper, I've made a commitment to shoring up essentials including my business plan. I am just about finished with the plan and am ready to start implementing it. I watched a Quickbooks tutorial yesterday and was able to record the first transaction of the year: a print sale! Once I got started, it was actually very easy to learn and maneuver the work flow, from creating the invoice and the payment statement to reconciling my business checking account. If you are serious about having a photography business, you've got to get serious about managing your finances. I think I am on the right track!

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