Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get the Job Done: Finally Shooting a Maternity Session

ⓒ Image by Natalie Norton

I just booked a maternity photo session for this coming Saturday, and hopefully my client won't go into labor before the shoot! If you remember, last month, I was all set to shoot my boss and her belly bump....only to receive a text early that same day saying she had gone into labor -- several weeks early!

My client isn't due until April, so hopefully her little boy, Ronald II, should be taking it easy, allowing his mom to have some fun in her shoot. Her excitment was infectious!

What's also cool about landing this session that I think it is directly connected to the images I have hanging up in the Heidi's Deli. My client is married to a security guard that works in the building downtown that houses the deli. The security guard checked out the display and then told his wife that I was looking for someone to shoot my first maternity session with. I don't know if I would have gotten this gig had the guard not been exposed to my work hanging up in the deli where he often buys his lunch!

I am also considering that doing a good job on these images can help "wed" the family to me as their official and only photographer, allowing me to be present at special moments in their life, from newborn pictures to senior portraits and beyond! This will be an important session for helping me create and maintain this relationship.

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