Thursday, January 29, 2009

Growing Pains: The Call I Had Been Hoping For


Late last night, I got the call I had been hoping for: The National Brotherhood of Skiers would like to rehire me this year to cover their 2009 Summit in Snowmass. The NBS was pleased with the work I did for them last year during their 35th anniversary week in Breckenridge and wanted to give me the first chance to accept the assignment.

But there is a problem: the five day event starts THIS WEEKEND and runs through next Saturday, and I don't know if can get the time off from The Denver Post.

The organization only now received the clearance to have a budget for a photographer to cover their event, which explains the late notice. Like all nonprofits, the poor economy hit NBS hard and the organization has had to readjust its finances. However, it still believes in the importance of capturing images to preserve their social clubs activities, and they wanted to offer the opportunity to me first.

I'm not sure if my boss at the Post will be able to give me the time off at such short notice, but I will definitely ask. Perhaps there will be some way that I can combine my skills, shooting for the organization and writing an article for the Post.

But if I can't accept this assignment, then perhaps I can refer it to the new collective photographer and business strategist Jim Turley created this week.


tin said...

That's wonderful!
Are those pictures from the last time you shot for them? I still don't have the hang of shooting outside especially with snow and getting the right exposure. Maybe when the weather gets warmer I'll be more willing to tinker around with my camera settings.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Yep those are photos I took last year during the event. Last year, my batteries froze, along with all the other photographers and videographers! ;)

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