Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get the Job Done: Car show photo booth profitable!

Photo by Jason Peckovitch

I think Picture Your World Photography may have unearthed a business goldmine! I had no idea that holding a photo booth at a car show would be so profitable, but photographer Jason Peckovitch were even more successful at the Red and Jerry's car show last weekend than we did at the fair at Walmart the weekend before.

Maybe since it was our second time hosting the photo booth, Jason and I were just more experienced and better prepared. But we actually didn't take a portrait of anyone in our makeshift studio under a 10x10 tent. All the equipment we rented, including backgrounds and stands went unused, to my initial surprise.

Everyone at the car show was more interested in having their treasured and well-loved vehicles photographed with a bikini-clad model. Jason and I quickly adapted our plan of business, adding $5 extra to our prints to have a model pose with the vehicles. Jason worked the show, shooting and brought his CF cards over to me so I could upload images, edit them in Photo Shop and print them. We sold so many prints and I was so busy editing shots that Jason took that my fingers hurt by the end of the day. And the best thing about it for me: the job was done when we left...ie, no more post-processing to do and the clients took their items with them immediately.

If you ever do something like this, make sure to hit up Model Mayhem or something similar to have some models at your booth. Just having them stationed near our table caused a flurry of interest, making folks come over to see what we were up too. And it goes to show you how important it is to know your audience and understand what those clients might be interested in spending their hard earned money on.

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