Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get Out There: Attending a marketing workshop

Tonight I will be attending a marketing workshop hosted by Mile High Photographers. Presenter Kristy Chenell, co-creator of The Wedding Summit, shared ideas to move photographers outside of the "Can I take you to lunch," marketing concept to an actual targeted campaign. Since I hadn't even taken anyone to lunch yet, I figured I desperately needed to make it to this workshop.

The Wedding Summit is a hands on business workshop for wedding industry businesses and covers Branding, Marketing, Sales, Financial Acumen, Customer Service and Benchmarking in depth on a personal level. But Kristi has had a long career of consulting and is one of the nation's leading experts in the wedding industry. Known for her inspiring ideas and innovative concepts, Kristy is owner of Couture Consulting by Chenell, where she focuses on helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

I will be getting all that for just a $5 donation to fund further MHP activities. That's an incredible deal!

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