Thursday, July 9, 2009

In My Library: July 2009 Professional Photographer

I feel as if this month's issue of the Professional Photographer magazine must have been made just for me! The main features are all about the new genre of boudoir photography and it's impact on the photography industry. I have to admit, I sometimes feel as if I can't justify making boudoir a mainstay in my business because I do think the genre has had a bad rap thanks to old school techniques that made women look like mere caricatures of themselves instead of naturally beautiful and confident. As a woman who struggles with her own low self-esteem sometimes, it just makes my heart sing to hear a woman say "OMG! Is that me?" when they look at a photo of themselves that I just captured.

The articles and interviews in the Professional Photographer just confirms the reason why I've had so many recent viewers coming to my blog because of my boudoir discount I'm offering on Facebook: boudoir is back in demand.

Noted photographers Sam Harnack, "Pajama Glamour" sessions and "The Boudoir Divas" (San Fransisco photographers Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West) are making what was once taboo tasteful again. The key for all three of these photographers is the careful consideration of how to make all women be at ease and look beautiful through posing and lighting.

The Boudoir Divas have created a great guide of 28 poses they say "work on all body types" based on the trial and error of learning to pose their own clients. At just about $130, the guide may seem costly, but all who purchase the pose guide will also receive an immediate quick reference download and a video.

If you've been wondering if boudoir photography is worth adding to your photography bag of tricks, or even if you could carve out a business of only boudoir shots alone (as I have been wondering) then definitely grab the PP for July 2009!

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