Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growing Pains: Photobooth placed near the main stage

As a cub reporter for the Denver Post in the late 1990s, I can't tell you how many festivals and fairs I covered. It was always interesting to see how the many vendors set up their wares and did their best to standout among a sea of other businesses. I never dreamed that I might one day own my business, much less be one of those vendors at a festival, but my time to get out there and shine is just three days away!

It's very exciting to see my company name on a vendor table! If you look closely, Picture Your World Photography will be stationed at Table 5 on the left-hand side of the event map. The table isn't too far away from the main stage and seating area so that should help us in generating some customers.

All week long I've been getting tips from friends and colleagues about how to make this idea happen without a hitch. My iP100 Canon Mobile Photo Printer will allow us to bring 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10, which I think we should sell for $5, $10, and $15 respectively. Sean Donnelly, said it might be a good idea to consider offering a bulk "discount price" of all the images on CD, such as 6 for $45 or something like that. That's definitely worth doing!

Sean also thinks I should be good to use my Vagabond II battery pack as portable power my laptop and my printer.
Sean had his Macbook Pro plugged into a Vagabond II and running for approximately 2.5 hours and didn't notice anything unusual, including no odd smells or excessive heat.

I'm still a little anxious about using the Vagabond like that (as I've only ever used it for powering my Alien Bees). I will use a Canon PU-200U Printer Automobile Power Unit and a Canon LK-62 Printer Portable Kit Battery to keep the printer powered, and use the Vagabond for a last resort if necessary.

Canon PU-200U

Canon LK-62 Printer Portable Kit Battery.

Jason Peckovitch of Illusive Dreams let me know about a great deal going on at Vistaprint for numerous "free" offers, including a banner. At previous events he has hosted, Peckovitch has used a laptop to run a slideshow of his images, but said the sunlight made it hard to see. He suggested that a digital picture frame might work as well.

Christine Tydingco, my photography friend and colleague who will be assisting me at the booth Saturday afternoon, said a few framed prints on the table (even available for sale) and a postcard or flyer giving people discounts on a future photo session if they book a date with me that same day would be great too.

I thought Rachel Hawthorns' idea to put a sticker on the back of each purchased photo sending customers to the password protected gallery on my business website where they can purchase additional prints and enlargements.

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Lisa Piellusch said...

This is so exciting. Sounds like a lot of work but also like so much fun!! Hopefully I'll be in a position to do this sort of thing in the not too distant future as well :)

Can't wait to hear how it all works out.

-- Lisa P.

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