Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breaking News: Photographer gets Writing Award!

Well, I think this is proof why I shouldn't leave my day job yet. The Denver Post reported today that I won third place in the Colorado Society of Professional Journalist's competition for food writing. Read my article here.

I guess I'm still pretty good at reporting and should stick with it. At least I haven't gotten laid off yet, and perhaps this award can be some job security in a journalistic industry that is in trouble (newspapers across the country continue to lose readership and have been forced into layoffs to save money).

I think what I have discovered (and my boss agrees) is that doing my photography as a side business has given me new life -- something that is evident in my journalistic writing and reporting as well. My boss said it was good to see me smiling and happy again. Don't get me wrong -- I am exhausted spending my early mornings, nights and weekends shooting and editing my photos. Then I spend the rest of the day interviewing and banging out copy for the Denver Post. But having something else to call my own, a creative outlet outside of work, has definitely been a wonderful thing for me!

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