Wednesday, April 16, 2008

POTW: Exteriors

Here is my entry for this week's Colorado 4X4 Shutterbug forum "Photo of the Week" Contest. The theme was "Exteriors," so I interpreted that concept by taking a picture of the steps leading up to my boyfriend's mountain cabin in Pine Junction, CO. I love texture in images, so I wanted to try to capture the wonderful carvings in the stone steps and the hand chopped logs used to construct the cabin built in the 1920s. I tried some versions where I cloned out the metal railing, but I decided to leave it in because none of my editings looked natural, and I hate that awful repeated pattern that can develop from unsuccessful cloning attempts. I waited until close to sunset to get this image so I could get the last rays of sunlight playing near the steps.

While I like this picture, I honestly think I prefer another shot taken by my friend and fellow shooter Chester Bullock. Instead of voting for my image, I think I will vote for his because of its simplicity and impact, given that Denver is known as "The Mile High City."

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