Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get the Job Done: Professional Portrait Session a Success

My last client emailed me today to say that she loved her portrait session! She chose 35 of the nearly 60 images I photographed of her, including professional shots she will use on her new business website (she is a professional errand runner), glamour portraits and artistic nudes. We are in the process of setting up additional shoots throughout the year for her, as well as surprise sessions she has planned for relatives and friends for birthday gifts.

This was the first time I took professional portraits, so I'm very pleased to be able to add these to my portfolio. I had my friend Dave Scott take a look at the images, and he gave me some suggestions. Dave hosts the Business for Photographers blog. One of his more successful niches is business portraits. Why? Dave says they are a great way to jump start your photography business because "nothing beats the business portrait for jobs that lead to more jobs."

Here are some of Dave's tips:

"I am always careful with my camera angle for business women. I
almost always use a camera height that is at her eye level. Lower
portrays authority and masculinity, higher feminine and submissive. I
like to keep the camera neutral for women for business portraits so
that male counterparts don't feel threatened by too much authority
and the businesswoman is not portrayed submissively."

Need more tips for business portraits? Preorder Dave's new eBook, "Shooting Business Portraits." The final editing is being done now and it will be released on May 20th 2008.


Ted said...

That's awesome that she liked 35 of the images!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice tip about the camera angle. Did you use a tripod on any of the shots?

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks for the kudos Ted. I think I slept much better that night knowing my client was happy.

Jessica, I did not use a tripod.

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