Friday, April 11, 2008

This Weekend: Portrait Shoot

I am going to introduce a new section of my blog this morning called "This Weekend." Since I do most of my paid shoots on the weekend, I thought it would be fitting for me to let my readers know on Fridays what I've got planned. Then I could write about my successes or ways I hope to improve the following Friday.

Tomorrow, I will be shooting a client that was referred to me through Teri. Teri is the lovely woman gracing my banner, as well as the first client to allow me to take glamour and artistic nude shots. Teri's happiness with the shoot was so infectious that her neighbor decided to have photos taken of herself as well. Initially, my new client asked to have some business portraits taken of her to use in her marketing and promotions. But later this week, she whispered into the phone that she had been thinking about some artistic nude poses she would like to try out as well. ;)

I think my colleague and fellow blogger Dave Scott may have been right on when he suggested that glamour and boudoir portraits could be a profitable market for me to explore. This weekend's shoot will be the third I've done in less than a month. The photo above is a shot of a client who gave boudoir shots to her boyfriend as a gift. Dave shot 11 boudoir sessions that were used as Valentines gifts this year. "Start getting prepared for next year!!!" he wrote to me in an email.


Dave Scott said...


Beautiful image! I love your artistic touch. If this is what you are shooting now, my "Get ready for next year" comment was an understatement!

-- Dave

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks Dave! I keep looking at that image and I still can't believe I took it. At the time, I wasn't interested in anything but the light and my camera settings, etc. etc. Then when I saw it, both my client and I were blushing at how sexy and beautiful the shots were! I think that's the most fun: helping my clients see how beautiful they really are. However, I think I might be in trouble if I should start taking pics of nude would I keep that professional? ;)

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