Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breaking News: Covering the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention is converging on Denver this coming week, and I've just been given my press creditentials to cover the event as both a print and photojournalist! The features and entertainment editors at the Denver Post said I have been given free range to keep my camera on me and shoot whenever possible in addition to my normal written assignments. We are so short staffed that everyone is pulling together doing double and even triple duty to cover this historic event.

I feel proud to know that my bosses at the newspaper support and encourage my freelance photography. They have seen me grow in my new craft over the last year and they know it's not some passing fancy, but a legitimate skillset that can make me a more well-rounded journalist. Look for shots I will be taking throughout the week here my blog!

If you are in the Denver area or will be traveling here to catch some of the action, use these photography tips from Illuminate Workshops executive director Efrain Cruz.

"The opportunity to make important, historical photographs is less than 48 hours away. If photojournalism is your forte or if you just want to go out and see what you can see, here are some tips for you to take great photos and stay out of trouble.

1) keep your ID (and photography business card) with you
2) be mindful of your camera gear and pocket-contents
3) travel light (a tripod may not be advisable)
4) be mindful of your surroundings
5) keep someone's phone number handy.

If the crowds and hoopla isn't your cup-of-tea, then perhaps heading into nature may suit you better. There are plenty of beautiful scenes in nature this month. Wildflowers are in full bloom, streams are flowing and the elk look majestic.

1) Make sure your batteries are charged
2) memory cards are ready to fill
3) bring suitable clothing for changing weather and temperature
4) for great photos, "get close", while maintaining a safe distance from wildlife. Read park literature for more information.

There's plenty to do this month. Whatever you chose to do, be prepared, be safe and bring your camera."

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