Sunday, August 31, 2008

Get the Job Done: Gloria's Senior Portraits

, originally uploaded by Sheba Wheeler.

This Saturday, I did another senior portrait session with Gloria, a childhood friend and referral from Jordan. After finishing these great shots with Gloria, I'm more convinced now than ever that portraiture is the type of photography I love and prefer doing.

I like being able to show the client a new side of themselves, and I like having them experience a one-on-one session where they are the main focus. That makes the experience more personal and memorable if I can make them feel special and important. If a client is nervous, I will take the time to show them some of my favorite shots right in camera. The clincher happens when you hear that quick intake of breath or that gasp right before they say, "Wow, those do look good." I'm not sure if they are surprised by how they look or my ability to get the shot! :) Either way, those are always great reactions to witness.

A colleague told me once that a fellow photographer took portraits rather than some other type of photography, namely nudes or boudoir shots, because portraiture "was safe." But I don't think so. Maybe the photographer takes portraits because he enjoys being able to make people feel good about themselves, like I do. Lord knows we all have those moments when we need someone to remind us just how beautiful we really are.

Gloria said she wanted flowers in her senior portrait, so we spent the early morning at City Park where the flower beds are gorgeous, colorful and plentiful. I'm happy that Gloria's sister was with us; she not only was a great assistant holding reflectors and diffusers, but she was instrumental in getting true smiles and laughter from Gloria.

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