Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Say You?: Creating a Business Logo

For the past few months, I've been trying to create a business logo for Picture Your World Photography. I've been struggling trying to find a way to quickly and easily show a full-service photography company. It's the reason why I chose the name "Picture Your World" instead of "Sheba Wheeler Photography" to create an all-encompassing brand that might one day feature more than digital photography, but include an entire roster of numerous photographers all shooting under my leadership. What can I say, I dream BIG!

While looking through the All Things Photography website, I was inspired by Nick Stubb's logo which features a picture viewing inside a camera's focus screen with the letters ATP written inside. That got me to thinking about a similar idea for my own logo. Since I shoot with a Canon 5D, I found a picture online displaying the back of the camera model. Then I just typed in the company name into the LCD screen. Now, I need your advice. What do you think about this as my logo? Please leave a comment. I'm not completely sold on the typeface yet, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to go oldschool Times New Roman or do some decorative script like I now have. What Say You?

If you think you can do better (and I KNOW you can because I am not graphically-designed oriented) how would you like to trade a photo session for a business logo?


Adrian said...

I like it.... it kind of looks purple.. I'm not sure if I'm blind or it really is, I think it would be better white.... and the background, behind the camera, should be a different color, similar to what is going on in the lcd screen. I really like the concept tho!

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks for responding! Do you mean you think the lettering should be white?

gcmandrake said...

I think it may be a little too busy for your intended audience. It make it easier if you can use variants of the same logo on the web, letterhead, business cards, and whatever. Much of the web/letterhead that I've seen has been simple text on a light background. Other photographers make their logo from a simple photo. Instead of the camera, how about a 35mm film strip? (Or a camera and lens in profile.)

Anonymous said...

Yo, Miss Sheba. Like the idea--but wonder if you might like an artfully rendered camera (more in the abstract).

That would make your logo easy to replicate and give it an artful splash.


adrian said...

i actually like the idea of a film strip a lot better... but yes i did mean the lettering to be white

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