Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Aside: Can't Get Enough of Me? I'm Writing For Two Other Blogs!

If you aren't sick of me yet, then you might be interested in checking out what I have to say in another blog I have been writing for since last year called One Day, One Picture. Since my own blog is so heavily narrative driven, I really like the ODOP format that concentrates on one or two photos in a single post. Since my colleagues Tiffany Trott and Chester Bullock both seem to focus on book reviews and other general photography topics, most of my posts deal with "How Tos" explaining how to master cool shooting techniques. I'm far from being a pro at these kinds of shots, but I'm learning, and whatever I have the opportunity to learn I will gladly share with you.

If you can't get enough of me, head over to ODOP and see what I have to offer in smaller, consistent bites. :)

Plus, since I cover home and interior design at The Denver Post, be sure to check out The HomeGirls blog I and my editor, Elana Ashanti Jefferson, maintain about our features beat coverage.

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