Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get Out There: My Images on Display at a Local Deli

Several of my images are finally on display and available for sale at a Heidi's Deli in downtown Denver! Store owner Marty says he's already had people asking questions about the images and the photographer (I still can't believe that's ME they are asking about!) and picking up my business cards at the register before they leave the deli. Even if I don't sell a single image, the exposure alone could be infinitely beneficial for my burgeoning business. Potential customers might not need my services now, but my business card and postcards will hopefully help them remember me when they do need a photographer.

Many people are wondering how often Marty will display local artists work, too. I don't think he expected to get that kind of a reaction, and he might even consider having a permanent display of some kind always running in the deli. A few of my photography buddies are meeting me for lunch at the deli tomorrow, and I advised all of them to bring their business cards so Marty could have a look at their photos too. All of my friends are extremely talented and much better at landscape photography than I am, since I specialize in people and events. Marty is bound to love their work, too!

It was difficult, as always, trying to figure out how to price my photos. So I just took into account how much it cost for printing the image, and framing and matting it -- then doubled the price. They range from $75 to $125 for images that have already proven to be hot sellers. I had no idea that frames cost so much, ranging from $25 to more than $50 for real wood, and archival mats can run you another $6 to $10 on top of that. No wonder art is so expensive!

If you have a local eatery, coffee shop or bar you frequent, ask the owner if they might be willing to display some of your work. They just might say "Yes!" like Marty did for me. I printed out the waterfall image from Rifle as my "thank you gift" to Marty, but turns out he has been eyeing another shot instead....the close-up of the dandelion clock above. I will just have to give both of them to him!

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