Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Out There: Passing out Business Postcards

I purchased 500 business postcards from Prints Made Easy and canvassed my neighborhood this morning, handing out a stack full of the cards. Because my neighborhood is largely comprised of young families with children, I decided to use this image of model Michele and her daughter Aeona to appeal to their needs.

While walking my dogs, I stuck postcards in door jambs and on car windshields, occasionally running into neighbors walking their dogs as well or watering their yards. The face to face interactions were beneficial I believe because I got the chance to explain my business and share the fact that I lived in their neighborhood and was easily accessible for services. "Do you shoot senior portraits?" one mother asked. "My son is graduating next year." Yes, I sure do! A couple of people said they would definitely contact me later!

While walking, I took note of all the avid gardeners and pet owners that live in my area too, thinking that my next postcards might include photos of pets and flowers in bloom. It was tough work, and I was pretty much done in after an hour of being yanked by my young dogs who were pulling on their leashes. Maybe next time I will do the job alone or consider hiring someone else to do it! Here's hoping I get new customers!

See anything I might need to change? I would appreciate your comments about the card. Is it too wordy? Am I missing important information clients should know?

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