Thursday, May 15, 2008

Get the Job Done: Photos Published on Denver Post Blog

Several of my photos appeared on the Denver Post Home Girls Blog last week. My editor, Elana Jefferson, asked me to take pictures while she toured the 33rd Junior Symphony Guild Designer Showhouse, an event gives decorating divas a chance to peak inside one of the city's most celebrated homes, the Phipps Mansion. The above pic is my favorite from the set, featuring a stenciled, leafy, art deco pattern by painter Cathy Gibbons near a brick entryway leading to an outdoor patio.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment because it was a great chance to try blending my print and photography journalism skills. While reporting and taking notes, Elana pinpointed some architectural features and furnishings she wanted me to shoot so the images could accompany her blog entry. I dig design myself, but getting to photograph it was a challenge under these circumstances because I had to navigate between tour participants who always seemed to be in the way of my shots.

Working with flash indoors continues to vex me. I really need to work harder at learning how to blend existing ambient light with flash. There was a tremendous amount of natural sunlight filtering in through the windows throughout the mansion, but I still needed to use a touch of fill flash to fill in shadows.

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