Sunday, May 11, 2008

Breaking News: First Exhibit Sale!

One of my photos sold Friday night at the exhibit showing! The lovely photo above was purchased for $150 by local successful artist Skye Mason. It was also selected as third place "Best of Show" for the Arts on 7th studio showing.

Having someone buy one of my photos is an honor in its on right. But to have an accomplished photographer and painter like Skye be interested in my work is fantastic! Skye has had the privelege of shooting legends including Grace Jones, Tony Bennett, Charlie Pride, Roy Clark, Tommy Lasorda, Mickey Mantle, Indigo Girls, Kansas, Roman Gabriel and Arthur Ashe.

Congratulations also to the other four photographers who sold prints as well!


Jason P. (Illusive Dreams) said...

Wow Sheba, that is AWESOME! Congrats!

Jason said...

Wow Sheba, that is awesome. Im so proud! Great job!

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