Monday, May 12, 2008

Monthly Assignment: How's The First One Going?

I just wanted to check in and see how things are going for everyone who will be participating in the Picture Your World Photography inaugural Monthly Assignment Contest. All of my readers (already up to 25 from 12 or so) have been asked to submit a photo that I will post on my blog (with links to your respective websites). The photos will then be judged by public vote.

You've got two weeks to get your image of this month's theme "SELF PORTRAIT" emailed to me...that's until May 24 for those who are calendar-challenged. I will post the images and voting starts promptly on May 25, running until June 1.

Need a refresher course on the rules? Read the announcement blog here.

Need some ideas for a pic? The image above is one I turned in for a similar online weekly photo assignment themed "Self Portrait: Pieces of You." I set my camera up, put it on the delayed timer and then captured myself kissing my dog Isis. Some creative cropping helped me focus on my lips....hence fulfilling the concept of a self-portrait and pieces of yourself.

Also, the photo I use in my "Q and A" posts is a self portrait I turned in for my Digital 1 photography class. I was supposed to be showing "where I was in life..." and at that moment, I was feeling in-over-my-head regarding photography.....hence the idea came to me to show myself getting caught reading "Photography for Dummies."

So have some fun and start turning in your submissions now!

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