Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get the Goods: Tried and True XTi or Spanking New 5D?

I just got my new Canon 5D on Tuesday with a picture quality and extended ISO which should be great to work with during my indoor wedding shoot on Saturday. But a question posed by friend and colleague photographer Tiffany Trott got me thinking: Should I shoot the wedding with the tried and true XTi or use the untested and somewhat unknown 5D?

I've been studying the 5D every chance I get to become more familiar with its settings. Some buttons are in different places and my hand hasn't really gotten used to the 5D's new grip. My boyfriend Mike, who will be assisting me at the wedding, needs to use a digital camera (most likely my XTi), but is it a mistake to rely on new equipment during such a challenging shoot? My buddies at Wolf Camera spent an hour with me going over the differences between the two cameras, and they seem confident that I will be just fine shooting the 5D. I still have two days to study it....Here are some test shots I took yesterday just playing around with it. Neither of these photos have been seriously edited in PS3..I just took them through some general editing with Picasa.

Potted Flowers in the World Trade Center Building in downtown Denver

Canon Heaven

Just Me

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