Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Get the Job Done: Third Place "Best of Show" (A Case for Always Matting Your Images)

Jeffrey Rupp, the Denver Darkroom Exhibitions Director, just called to tell me that the image above won Third Place for "Best of Show" in the upcoming gallery showing Friday night. But, he told me that judges said it was hands down the best image entered and would have taken First Place if I had matted my entry!

Looks like my gamble on the artistic nude shots paid off! But as with everything, Jeff said these student gallery showings hosted by the Denver Darkroom are learning tools. To that end, it's always best to never allow your photo to "touch glass" because it causes the photo to curl and "start looking nasty" as, Jeff put it. I haven't seen the image yet, but Jeff says I will notice the difference and the noticeable decay of the image right away -- and he's only had the photos for a week.

I have a couple of days to either get a larger frame and mat for the original 20X30 print or reuse the 11x14 mat and frame I kept from a previous entry. The show is on Friday, wish me luck and sales!

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