Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breaking News: My Own Private Gallery Showing at a Local Deli

Good Lord, this month is BLOWING UP....

Jeffrey Rupp told me today that he has secured another print sale from Friday's exhibit showing (that's two so far!)

AND...drumroll please...

The Heidi's Deli in my building will be featuring 8 of my pics in my own private showing! The store owner, Marty, has got to be one the coolest guys I've ever met, and he's totally up for helping me get my name out there. Since the Democratic National Convention is coming to town, he says he wants primarily images showcasing Colorado -- yet another incentive for me to do more landscapes, but he already likes several things I've got on my website including this gorgeous picture of a fox I took up in Jefferson County.

I think this just goes to show you that it never hurts to ask. Someone just might say yes!

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