Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get the Goods: Buy One Print/Get One Half Off at Wolf Camera

My buddies over at the Aurora Wolf Camera store tipped me off about a great deal they are offering this month: buy one 11x14 (retail price $12.95) and get half off a second one. This is definitely an opportunity to stock up on images because an 11x14 is a great size for gallery and personal prints.

I have to give props to the Wolf Camera in Aurora where the manager there, Jeff, helped me print the fabulous artistic nude shot that was purchased at the exhibit Friday night. I do all of my personal printing with Wolf Camera. Two years ago, all the stores started printing with Epson's Pro 7800, and the results are fantastic! Everytime someone asks me where I get my things printed, they seem shocked when I tell them "at Wolf Camera." They guarantee same day prints (and usually within the hour as long as they aren't backed up already).

The personal service I received the day my exhibit prints were due was phenomenal. Not only did the staff check out my pics and give me encouraging remarks, but they reprinted all of them (that's four 20x30 size prints that cost $29.95 each) immediately without a contrary word when it was brought to their attention that a printer error was leaving some strange lines on my images. Some basic maintenance fixed the problem, and I got some outstanding prints. I bought frames there as well, and staff helped me frame my prints. Jeff was also very instrumental in helping me nail down a working knowledge of "aspect ratio" so I could get the best print available.

So thanks Jeff, and his staff at the Aurora Wolf Camera store on Havana, for the personal treatment. You guys helped me secure my first gallery sale, so the honor is just as much yours as mine! If you are nearby, check 'em out:

Wolf Camera & Video
1802 S Havana St
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 696-9700

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