Saturday, May 10, 2008

Get Out There: Gallery Showing

I haven't heard anything from the Denver Darkroom yet about whether or not any of my photographs sold at Friday night's exhibit. But whether I made a sale or not, I still think the experience was a terrific opportunity for me.

Seeing my photos blown up to an impressive poster size of 20x30 was amazing. I kept looking at them thinking, "Wow...did I take that?!" As people wandered through Jeffrey Rupp's studio in the Arts on 7th building, I held my breath while guests made comments about my photos. I didn't hear a single negative word, and many of them didn't know that the artist was standing right there next to them. "Whether you are able to believe it or not, you are a hit!" Jeffrey beamed with confidence. I want to thank Jeffrey for allowing me and other Denver Darkroom students to showcase their work in his studio. His passion inspires me.

"...really enjoyed seeing your work at the show Friday night -- beautiful images!" from photographer Dave Wood.

I also enjoyed being able to meet with other local artists to see how they presented themselves and their work. And I was introduced to an art form I've never seen before. Betsy Duzan and Judith Babcock both use a technique where paint is applied to a canvas in large, thick blocks with a spatula. I have always enjoyed texture in photography, and I couldn't stop myself from touching the canvases. I haven't told anyone yet but you, but I also started to feel that familiar tingling in my gut...the same sense of excitement I get whenever I take my photography. Could it be that maybe painting is in my future too? Perhaps I could do both such as Ron Zito, another artist I met at the showing.

"Aspen Solitude" by Judith Babcock was one of my favorite's at the showing.

Do you practice both art forms? If so, do you have any suggestions on how I could get started? Many of the artists said they often start painting an image they've seen in a photo...hmmmm

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